Toric IOLs for Astigmatism

Toric IOLs are designed to correct astigmatism. The Staar Surgical Intraocular Lens was the first toric IOL available in the United States; it was FDA-approved in 1998. The Staar toric IOL comes in a full range of distance vision powers, in two versions: one corrects up to 2.00 diopters and the other corrects up to 3.50 diopters of astigmatism.

The FDA approved the AcrySof Toric IOL by Alcon in September 2005.

Most surgeons who treat astigmatism in their cataract patients tend to use astigmatic keratotomy (AK), which involves making incisions in the cornea. But in addition to or even instead of corneal astigmatism, some people may have lenticular astigmatism, caused by irregularity in the shape of the natural lens capsule. This can be corrected with a toric IOL. Risks include poor vision due to the lens rotating out of position, with the possibility of further surgery to reposition or replace the IOL.

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